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See Smell Taste Iranian Saffron Threads Coupe, 0.04-Ounce Jar

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Harvested from the saffron crocus flower, the red stigmas of our premium Saffron are cut and separated into threads, and then sun-dried in a process that releases the precious saffron’s prized crimson gold color, intensely rich fragrance, and distinctive mellow taste. With an ISO grade of I, color strength of 246, fragrance level of 35, and flavor level of 90, our saffron is of the finest quality for cooking and baking.About See Smell Taste:Our goal is to offer the world’s highest quality herbs and spices. Traceability and research are very important to us. We study how each spice seed should be planted, harvested and processed to achieve the highest quality. Which type of grinding, drying, and sorting equipments should be used? Which azlimo.com location has the best soil and weather to achieve the best results? How do we keep the production and shipping records to maintain traceability of each spice? All of these factors are taken into account when we look for the right grower. Only a few growers meet our standards: you can see, smell, taste the difference. See Smell Taste premium herbs and spices have been used by professional chefs at fine dining restaurants for years, and now they are finally available for the retail market. For more information, visit See Smell Taste website at www.seesmelltaste.com
Iranian Saffron Threads Coupe
Our Iranian saffron is the finest quality in terms of color, fragrance, and flavor
Air tight, non-transparent packaging protects from harmful effects of light